HYU Holdings pursue inclusive growth with a partner who has a strong capacity to grow and succeed through their items.

We are providing funds, consulting to Startup related with 4IR
The president should be Graduated less than 5 years (or current University relatives)
The company should be published less than 3 years
The company should be Technology base startup
The company should be published less than 3 years
Annual Sales should be less than 20 billion won
the company with extraordinary technique.
The company should be published less than 3 years
The company hope to transfer public technology
The company with public technology base


We are providing mentoring through our excellent mentoring pool including a successful entrepreneur,
experienced professors from various industries, and technical experts.

Startup mentoring pool

120 experts, consisting of experienced professors from various industries, accountants, legal experts, and venture capitalists

Representative mentoring pool

Presidents who experienced publishing start-up,
Yoo Hyunoh, Ryu Changwan,
Choi Yeongjun, Choi Jinyeong

Technology mentoring pool

20 experts including University professors, patent attorneys, etc


Providing an opportunity to move in a qualitative and quantitative working space from Hanyang University.

HYU Holdings owned co-working space

Lionking Incubating Center

Startup independent office facility

Technology Commercialization Dedicated Space

Prototyping and 3D printing equipment obtained

Startup Town

Student startup lab

Startup Founding Club

Providing universal equipment, space, and mentoring

Startup Founding Incubation Center

Startup promoting dormitory space

24/7 Startup Promoting Dormitory Space


We are cooperating with various accelerators located in U.S.A, Singapore, and Hong Kong to shore our supporting program up.